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Women are underrepresented in the global cyber workforce.
In Switzerland only 14% of security experts are women. 

This has to change.

The Women in Cyber association connects cyber professionals
and provides a platform for exchange. 

Whether you are an expert, a professional or a student,
join us and become part of the Women in Cyber community!


Women in Cyber Day

Women in Cyber Day

The Women in Cyber Day is the main event of the association and takes place once a year. Successful women in cyber share their experience and knowledge with you. 

WiC Day 2023_1
WiC Day 2023_2
WiC Day 2023_7
Wic Day 2023_6
WiC Day 2023_4
WiC Day 2023_3
WiC Day 2
WiC day 5
WiC Day 4
WiC Day 3
WiC Day 2022_4
WiC Day 2022_1
WiC Day 2022_6
WiC Day 2022_5
WiC Day 2021_2
WiC Day 2021
WiC day 6
WiC Day 2022_3
Image by Amy Hirschi

Mentoring enables each of us to learn, to grow and to transform in many ways. It is a confidential developmental relationship that can be one of the most powerful learning experiences a person encounters in his or her career.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Our "happy hour meetups" take place in different cities across Switzerland. Expect to meet cyber security professionals and enthusiasts to share ideas and experiences.

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