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Our mission

Despite an observable growth in the field of cybersecurity in the last couple of years, when having a closer look at the cybersecurity professionals and specialists, women are underrepresented in the global cyber security workforce. This is against a backdrop of a growing skills shortage in cyber; by 2022 there could be a global deficit of 1.8 million cyber security professionals. To help organisations bridging this gap, it is essential to encourage more women into cyber security and to offer them equal opportunities.  

At WOMEN IN CYBER DAY we want to give insight into the diverse field cyber and draw attention to the different professional opportunities. Designed by, with and for women, the event is intended to attract more interest among the target group for this field of work and thus counteract the prevailing lack of skilled workers.

We would like to emphasise that this is not a recruitment event. 

What we mean by «cyber»

We use the term «cyber» in the broadest sense to refer to the entire field of connected information technology. Such a broad scope creates the space to address a wide variety of topics such as cyber insurance, compliance, monitoring, engineering, testing, architecture, risk management, operations or investigations.

Who should attend

This event is for all women in Switzerland: students, cyber-professionals and those who are interested in moving into the cyber field. Although this event is especially organized for women, we invite men and all other cyber enthusiasts to participate.

The (dream) team

This is an independent event, co-organized in a decentralized manner by major cyber players in Switzerland and abroad. The organizations that are working to bring this event to life have decided to do so because they understand the benefit of increasing awareness of cyber and shining a light on female cyber professionals. Key decisions are taken based on the majority’s preferences. Overall, the group agrees to work together with trust and respect for all involved, with the best interest of the audience in mind and in order to achieve the aforementioned goals.


By being in the core team, each organization commits people and/or funds as needed to collectively bringing this event to life.


For questions or remarks please contact us via:

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