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Ariane Trammell

Ariane Trammell
Head of Information Security Research Group, ZHAW

As a mentor, I want to help my mentees develop their individual strengths so that they can realize their full potential in the multifaceted world of cyber security.

City / Location

Winterthur ZH / Switzerland

F2F and online mentoring



Minimum duration

6 months

Mentorship topics

  • Technical knowledge

  • Adapting with skills of the future (upskilling / reskilling)

  • Career planning

  • People management in expert organizations

  • Work-life balance / Career and family life

About my offer

In my current position as a lecturer at a university of applied sciences, I have the opportunity to develop innovative approaches to solving problems that I observed during my previous work as an IT security consultant in various companies. As a consultant, I have come to realize that IT security is not just about technical aspects, but also involves numerous organizational aspects that are equally fascinating. I can now pass on this knowledge to my students and mentees.

How I work:

Holistic: I take a comprehensive approach, considering not only technical skills but also personal growth and external constraints in my mentoring process.

What I offer:

  • Openness

  • Encouragement

  • Inspiration


It's a pleasure meeting you!!

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