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Part II


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Christina Kistler



As CCO & Partner at GObugfree, a Swiss crowd-sourced vulnerability management platform and bug bounty provider, I focus on empowering SMEs to improve their cybersecurity. I help businesses strengthen their defenses against cyber threats by leveraging the skills and collective intelligence of our community of friendly hackers and security experts. I firmly believe in the power of bringing together a diverse crowd of highly skilled individuals and like this making cybersecurity measures available for business of all sizes.

With 18+ years of experience in renowned companies across diverse industries, I am a passionate entrepreneur with a proven international track record. Holding an MBA from the University of St. Gallen and an MAS in Digital Leadership from the HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences, I possess the expertise to assist organizations in preparing for the latest digital threats and navigating the evolving landscape with confidence.

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Anouk Geene



As a legal expert in Data Protection, Information Technology, and Communications Law at PwC Switzerland, I advise our clients on all aspects of data privacy and governance. I also support with the setup and implementation of data protection and technology-related compliance programs under Swiss and EU regulations.

What I enjoy most in my work is transposing the increasingly complex legal landscape into practical and tangible implementations of the data privacy, cybersecurity, and AI regulatory requirements. This with the ultimate goal of fostering trust and security in the digital and cyber space!

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Regula Hiltebrand

Scientific employee in the Digital Crime Unit

Bern Cantonal Police

I am a scientific employee for the digital crime unit of the Bern Cantonal Police. With a master’s degree in Traceology and Crime Analysis from the University of Lausanne, I soon found, that the digital realm was where my interests lie. Specializing in cybercrime investigations, my work involves investigations into multiple disciplines, from cryptocurrency theft to ransomware attacks and online investment fraud to phishing scams. I am passionate about the more technical aspects of my job, while also enjoying less technical techniques like open source intelligence.

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Shira Kaplan


Cyverse AG & Cyverse Capital

I am the Founder and CEO of Cyverse AG, a Zug-based firm delivering next-gen, best-in-breed cyber-security solutions to over 120 DACH and Scandinavian enterprises. I am also the Founder of Cyverse Capital, a C-Level private Investor Club, investing into early-stage Israeli and Swiss cyber-security startups. My technological training dates back to military service in the Israeli 8200 Elite Technology Unit of the Intelligence, where I served for two years. I am an alumna of Harvard University (B.A.), where I studied Government, and was a Shelby Davis Scholar. I hold an MBA from St. Gallen HSG University, where I was awarded the “Women in Business” Scholarship. I am a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2017) and a Bilanz Top 100 Digital Shaper (2020, 2021, 2022). I am also a mother of 3 Montessori-trained children, and resides by the Lake of Zurich.

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Emilia Cebrat-Maslowski

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Quad9 & SWITCH

I am a cyber threat intelligence analyst at Quad9 and at SWITCH. I specialize in domain abuse topics, Threat Actors tracking, data analytics and visualization, and cyber fraud. Prior to joining Quad9, I was the Head of Group Intelligence Forum at UBS Group AG. In my current role at Quad9, I track and analyze the DNS lookups of malicious host names that Quad9 blocks. At SWITCH, I look into malware abusing .ch and .li domains.

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Carine Allaz



I hold a master’s degree in law, crime issues and security of new technologies from a the University of Lausanne. I started my career in the Finance industry as IT internal auditor and information security project manager. In 2014 I was one of the first women in Switzerland in charge of building and runing a Security Operation Center for a Private Bank. 

Since 2011, I teach regularly in different information security programs for the University of Geneva and HEG Geneva. I joined the Scientific Committee of the information security continuous education program of the University of Geneva in 2022.

Since 2018, I offer my expertise to organizations in different industries through my consulting firm.

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Marijana Gavric

Head of Legal & Compliance

Bug Bounty Switzerland

I am Marijana, a highly driven individual with a diverse background and a deep passion for cyber security. I pursued a Masters's degree in Management and Law at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. I found my enthusiasm for the legal aspects of technology at a software testing company. In 2020 I founded my own company Veriphy, dedicated to increase the awareness for phishing attacks. Today I support the highly motivated team of Bug Bounty Switzerland AG in the role of Head of Legal and Compliance as I strongly believe in pioneering effective strategies such as Bug Bounty to enhance the digital security.

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Corina Jaussi

CEO & Founder

Xenia Software

I am the CEO and founder of an IT startup called Xenia Software. As a software engineer myself I am working closely with experts and apprentices to create Mokai: An AI-powered software streamlining apprenticeships, igniting sparks for a brighter tomorrow.

Stepping out of my comfort zone launched my career. As a woman in IT, I understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. It's crucial that we encourage and empower all, especially women, to explore the exciting world of technology.

I thrive through hard work, unwavering passion, dedication and I believe that growth should know no limits – no labels, social norms, or barriers.

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Marie de Freminville

Non-executive director and founding partner

Starboard Advisory

With an insatiable curiosity for the latest threats and cutting-edge technologies, I thrive on finding innovative ways to prevent cyber-attacks and minimize their impact. As a firm believer in continuous learning and growth, I remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, constantly exploring new avenues and staying ahead of the game.

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Nevena Lazarevic

Security Technical Specialist


I am a cybersecurity enthusiast bringing into play experience in both offensive and defensive security. I am passionate about leveraging my strong technical expertise, advisory skills, and my analytical and detail-oriented mindset to empower every organization to be more secure, while ultimately transforming security into a business enabler.

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