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Dominique Trachsel
Responsible for Cyber Security Awareness and Prevention, NCSC

It's my aim to support the younger generation on the job market and to give them tips and tricks for their career planning (I was young once too).

City / Location

Berne City, Fribourg City / Switzerland




Minimum duration

6 months

Mentorship topics

  • Technical knowledge

  • Adapting with change

  • Adapting with skills of the future (upskilling / reskilling)

  • Career planning

  • Networking

About my offer

I have experience from scratch in many different professional fields: international cooperation, political communication, business and divisional management, police cyber investigations / digital forensics (repression) and cyber security awareness and prevention. I have made a voluntary career break in order to learn new things and be able to work in other areas. I have a willingness to constantly educate myself and be fit for the job I want to do.

How I work:​

  • Solution orientated: Let's work out adequate solutions.

What I offer:

  • Confidentiality

  • Commitment


It's a pleasure meeting you!!

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