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Women are underrepresentated in the global cyber workforce. In Switzerland only 14% of security experts are femals. 

This has to change.

The Women in Cyber association connects cyber professionals and provides a platform for exchange. 

Wheter you are an expert, a professional or a student, join us and become part of the Women in Cyber community!

What we want to achieve

Our Projects

Women in Cyber Day

Women in Cyber Day

The Women in Cyber Day is the main event of the association and takes place once a year. Successful women in cyber share their experience and knowledge with you. 

Mentoring Program

Implementing a mentoring program for young cyber talents is one of the key targets of 2023. Find your ideal mentor today and get in touch right away!

Mentoring Program


Small Networking Event

Local Networking Events

Our small networking events are taking place three times a year in a different city of Switzerland in form of "happy hour meetups". They are your opportunity to gather and make connections. 


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