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Martin Scheu
OT Security Engineer, SWITCH

Industrial Control System (ICS) security covers a huge area. Wherever physical processes are controlled, ICS security should also be considered. E.g. traffic light control, electrical power distribution, water treatment. Unfortunately, ICS security has a niche existence within the security community. To counteract this is my motivation to be a mentor of women in cyber.

City / Location

Ebnat-Kappel SG / Switzerland

Online mentoring



Minimum duration

6 months

Mentorship topics

  • Technical Knowledge

  • Self-development

About my offer

I am a former industrial control system engineer who changed to Industrial Security in 2017, when for the first-time ransomware swapped from IT over to industrial side of companies.
If you would like to start your career in Industrial Cyber Security, protecting critical infrastructure or making sure that the chocolate recipe isn’t altered when mixing the ingredients, I would be happy to support and mentor you on your track.

How I work:

  • Human oriented: Your well-being will be top priority! Industrial environments are machine dominated, but it is the humans behind it, who keep the system running. Our interaction with operators is key for getting security in industrial environments done.

  • Solution oriented: I focus on solutions which are realizable.

  • Resource and target oriented: Our resources are finite, therefore for me the goal is in the center

What I offer:

  • What is industrial control

  • How to start in ICS security

  • ICS lab for training


It's a pleasure meeting you!!

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