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Part II


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Sophie Nägeli

Project Manager Cyber Security

National Cyber Security Centre

Sophie Nägeli works as a Project manager at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). In this role, she managed the creation of the Swiss FS-CSC association (Swiss Financial Sector Cyber Security Centre), a public private initiative that is improving the cyber resilience of the Swiss financial sector. She holds a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management from King's College of London and sees cybersecurity as a domain with a lot of fascinating job opportunities where diversity and commitment are key to make an impact that matters.

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Charline Panchaud

Scientific Collaborator

Swiss Security Network

As a scientific collaborator for the Swiss Security Network since 2019, Charline supports the delegate in dealing with security policy issues that concern both the Confederation and the cantons. Therein, her main areas of activity lie in the fields of radicalisation/violent extremism prevention and cybersecurity. In 2021, the Swiss Security Network provided a first overview of the cyber training programmes being offered at tertiary level in Switzerland. Charline holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva.

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Elisa Papa

Data Protection & Privacy Lead


Elisa is a physicist by training, as she holds a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, UK and a PhD in Solid State Physics from EPFL, Switzerland. Following an additional year as a post-doctoral researcher at CEA-Leti in France, she decided to shift to the world of consulting by joining Deloitte. For several years, she leads the Data Protection & Privacy team, part of the cyber risk services of Deloitte Switzerland. Her focus is to help organizations manage their data in a secure and compliant manner, in line with applicable regulations. The common denominator of all her projects is to enable companies to foster digital trust as a driver for innovation and security.

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Sofia Martinez Gomez

Cyber Security Expert - RIS Product Security & Privacy Operations


Sofia Martinez holds a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zürich and specialized in Robotics, Systems and Controls focusing in medical devices. At the end of her studies she started to shift to the cybersecurity field, by adapting the academical specialization and by gaining practical experience at Deloitte where she was part of the Risk Advisory team covering cybersecurity related engagements. Sofia currently works as a cybersecurity expert in the Product Security and Privacy team at Roche Diagnostics where she supports the implementation of security and privacy principles to a variety of medical devices and solutions used in the healthcare sector. In addition to that, she monitors the changing regulatory landscape to create a holistic approach to achieve compliance and continuously improve the security maturity of the company by introducing new strategies.

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Sandra Schweingruber

Federal Prosecutor for Cybercrime

Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland

Sandra Schweingruber is a federal prosecutor in the field of cybercrime. She has many years of experience in the prosecution of national and international cybercrime. She regularly publishes and lectures on topics related to cyber and in particular on the questions and challenges involved in the handling of data in criminal proceedings. She studied law in Geneva and is admitted to the Zurich bar association.

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Marina Ivanovic

Board Member & Head of Industry Outreach

ETH Cyber Group

Marina Ivanovic is a board member of ETH Cyber Group and a MSc student at ETH Zürich. She likes to say that she has been a “techy” her whole life - she graduated Electrical Engineering and Computing, has been doing competitive programming since elementary school, and worked at Google and Palantir as a software engineer. However, right now she is focusing on cyber policy, while studying both policy and computer science at ETH. She loves cyber security precisely because of its interdisciplinary nature, as it gives her a chance to learn about both technology and policy matters.

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Cédric Aeschlimann


Swiss Military Academy

Cédrich Aeschlimann is a researcher in military economics at the Swiss Military Academy. His research project is on the management of human resources in cyberdefense with a focus on the inter-organizational cooperation network. In this context, he ran an analysis on the general competence level in then cyberdefense ecosystem and on how organizations exchange informations regarding cyber competences.

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Serge Frech

Managing Director

ICT Vocational Education and Training Switzerland

Since 2018, Serge Frech have been managing director of ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz (ICT Vocational Education and Training Switzerland). Among many other activities, the national association conducts federal examinations in the field of Cyber Security and is a driving force for the topic of ICT skills in vocational education and training. Previously, he was Head of the Education Department and member of the Executive Board at suissetec, following many years as deputy head of training in the Swiss Military Intelligence Service. Currently, he is also a guest lecturer at the Institute of Applied Psychology at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

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Nina Egli

Product Owner Cyber Security Testing


Nina Egli has been working in cyber security for ten years and is currently the PO for Cyber Security Testing at Hilti in Switzerland, coordinating the global security testing program. Before that she was a penetration tester herself, performing assessments of systems, networks, applications and infrastructures as well as running phishing campaigns for our clients. Although being a pentester is an immensely creative and exciting job, she decided it’s time to move to the next level. Now she is using that experience to make sure the right things are tested the right way

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Jurgita Miseviciute

Head of Public Policy & Government Affairs


Jurgita Miseviciute is the Head of Public Policy & Government Affairs at Proton where she heads Proton’s global policy efforts. Throughout her career she has extensively worked on a wide range of tech policy and antitrust issues. Before Proton, she held positions in the private and public sector including top tier global law firms and the European Commission. She holds an LL.M. in Law & Economics from Utrecht University.

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