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Let's grow together

The Women in Cyber Day is the main event of the association and takes place once a year.

Successful women in cyber share their experience and knowledge with you. 

WiC Day 2023

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It was a pleasure to attend this event. I learned a lot, it gives me more confidence that working in cyber security is really what I want. Getting the input of the speakers about their experience and paths makes me even more passionate about the subject. Thank you very much for making it happen!

It was indeed a fantastic afternoon with top level speeches and the opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring women!

Amazing organization! Focus on women who actually have something to say, rather than "only women so we have someone on the stage". Amazing speakers, and quite right duration of each session.


Very competent speakers, extremely interesting topics and great way of engaging the public. The female environment enabled to talk about subjects we are usually not able to in "regular" events. There was a sense of common goals and challenges.